Monday, June 21, 2010

New Week!

Hello Blogger World!!

Welcome Miah!

So this weekend ended up being an eating weekend. I had too much social/family time to restrict properly. I did, however, have 2 normal/healthy BM (sorry for the TMI) without using lax once! I spent my entire weekend (Friday-Sunday) working out or going for walks. I was never sedentry!

After reading up on all the lovely blogs I've been following, I think I am going to jump back on the 2468 bandwagon. I did it back in February (sort of mixing it up with ABC by basically adding some random fasting days or periods in) and working out at least 1 hour a day 6 days a week.I need to get back on that boat since I lost 10 lbs in about a month doing that. Starting tomorrow I am going to ATTEMPT a fast until Friday afternoon. As you can tell by previous entries I'm not that good at fasting. But a way for me to combat the nervousness at dinner time is having plain veggies or broth at dinner time to prevent me from caving and eating bad foods. I want to be down to at least 140 (lower would be better) by Friday since I'm going to a really swanky birthday party. I want to look amazing in one of my dresses...something a little more form fitting. I want to get lots of compliments.

My legs are starting to shape up well, but I need to trim and tone my torso and hips. Trim it D-O-W-N! This area seems to be my only real problem are and I hate it that nothing seems to be changing there at all. Even my ARMS are starting to look a little more toned! Do you girls have any tips or ideas on how to tighten that blasted area up??

So I started writing this entry while I was in a meeting at work. It was a meeting with a vendor for the entire department on new and different ways to get our brand/company out there. There were SOME interesting things, but my work doesn't like change and I know we wont really use any of these options. So I'm not sure why they wasted the ENTIRE department's morning with this meeting. It sucked.

So recap...I know this is a longer post than usual...I need to restrict/fast (preferably fast) and lose as much as I can by Friday. So lots of working out and lots of water, tea and coffee. I have a 1L bottle of water beside me as I type so I don't give in to cravings.

I found this AWESOME website that calculates how long it will take to lose weight by your intake and your activity levels. So if I stay to 500 cals a day and work out "vigorously" for 6-7 days a week I can drop 20 lbs by July 26! which works PERFECTLY for my goals!

Anyways, please comment if you have ANY tips or advice on how to shrink the belly/ribs/hips department!

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  1. Thankyou for the welcome babe!!
    And I have the same problem my tummy just won't seem to go
    it's really annoying as my legs have toned up but my belly is still there :@
    anywho wishhh you huge amount of luck for your fast till friday :D
    and remember ThinkThin
    love miah xxx