Monday, June 14, 2010

So my eating has been pretty good of late. This weekend I managed to stay under 1000 cals at the marriage prep course I took this weekend (they served all sorts of horrible foods) and yesterday I had under 600 (we had a big family dinner so I couldn't get away with not eating).

Today to make up for this weekend I'm not eating. It's past lunch and all I've had is organice fruit juice to curb the craving for the pasta everyone seems to be eating here in the office today. But other than that, it's just been coffee and water. I've taken my vitamins as well as my QuickTrim pills and I seem to be losing the water I retained last night. I woke up SO bloated I had gained 2lbs! I felt so disgusting with myself.

Today after work I will either be going to see my trainer or just heading to the gym. Yesterday while I was there, I was doing cardio on the bike (I did 45 mins at 105 RPM) and I burst blood vessels in my legs! :o Well no skirts or dresses for me this week! I don't want people seeing the blue and purple dots all over my thighs! :s

I have so much energy today, I don't know what to do with myself. I'm super jittery and bouncy. I think my workout will help with that. I do have to say I am dreading after my workout when the fiance is off work. I will have to try to find a way to get out of eating dinner if I want to last all day without eating. If I manage to not eat at all today, I will extend my fast tomorrow. I am taking this fast at a moment by moment pace. If I set my goals too high I may fail, but if I set up little mini goals I can probably do better and last longer. I wont go for more than 2-3 days depending on how I'm feeling. This is my first real serious fast so we'll see what happens.!

Wish me luck every one!

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