Monday, June 28, 2010


So after a weekend of eating "normally" I'm back on the bandwagon and back to my week-long fast (well 5 day). Saturday was a great day actually! I didn't have breakfast, and then went to try on my dress! I'll post pics when I get them from my girlfriend. It fit great! As of Saturday, They have to take in a bit in the waist and a lot in the boobs. The size I ordered was going to fit mostly snug with a little tiny bit of room in the boobs in case I wanted to wear a bra or something. But I've lost enough since the intial measurements that they do have to take it in. My first official fitting is on July 22. So I want to lose enough that the hips will have to be taken in a bit as well.

ANYWAYS...enough of the tangent...back to my consumption.

After the "fitting," my mom and I went to this organic, vegetarian buffet. It was REALLY good. I took a very small plate and filled it flat but not high. I had a very small piece of veggie lasagna and then a lot of salad. They even had organic dandylion salad! SO good. There was no sugar or gluten in any product. So it was very condusive to eating well. I totalled about 400 calories (estimate because of the pasta and cheese in the lasagna).  Dinner wasn't so great. I cooked an anniversary dinner for my parents, they wanted filet mignon with sauce that I make and a mushroom risotto. So the meal was quite calorific but I had a small to regular portion. I didn't try counting because I didn't want to know.

Sunday was a bit of a different story. We went for brunch with some friends and I had some fresh fruit and a croissant. Then walked around downtown for the afternoon and stopped at a pub. I munched on a nacho plate the table was sharing and had a lot of water. Not too bad. But then dinner, we were at another friend's place, helping them put together some new furniture. I was looking after the baby and running around with him. I was so hyped up and actually REALLY hungry, that when dinner came around (pizza) I had a piece and a half. I felt a little gross.

I didn't weigh myself this morning (due to have my period any day now) because I'm super bloated and I didn't want to stress myself out. I packed a piece of bread with some peanut butter on it incase I get it today and have to take my medication. My cramps are super bad and I have to take a pain killer to help me, but since it's so strong, I have to take it with food or else I'm throwing up for the rest of the day. OTHERWISE, Coffee, water, and my vitamins are all I'm eating today. I'm going to the gym later after work. I bought new workout pants from my FAVOURITE store EVER...Lulu Lemon. I got a pair of their Groove pants and their Groove Cropped pant. Check them out here !

I have my engagement shoot in a few weeks. So I'm going strict on the restricting regime for the next 4 weeks! I would love to hear what you girls do for motivation and keeping your head in the right place!

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