Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have a follower!

So I got my FIRST follower today! Welcome FedUp! I hope my ramblings wont bore you!!

So the last couple of days have been successes and failues.

So I haven't been to the gym in a couple of days, since I've been doing wedding stuffs. Tuesday I went to my reception venue and worked out my menu and my reception itinerary. Unfortunately, my parents had the bright idea to stay for dinner and do some "pre tastings." Anyways, so we all had to order something (me included) and I ordered steak. I didn't want to seem too out of the ordinary since a lot of the focus was on the food. FORTUNATELY, the steak was so tough and so dry I was able to make it seem like that was the reason I wasn't eating it. So I skipped dinner and was able to keep my cals below 300 that day :)

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went and looked at flowers. I had a coffee just before the appointment and then a small green salad afterwards back at home. Not bad but it was a planned fast day. I did learn that I can't do a fast when I take lax the night before. I almost fainted because my blood sugar and electrolyte levels were so low that one of my coworkers made me eat. So yesterday, I had about 600 cals.

Today, once again no gym because we have an appointment to look at our wedding bands. Now, I know this should be simple right? Nope. I have a uniquely shaped ring and they have to fit the band to the shape of my ring. This is MUCH better than what we first thought (custom wedding band) which would have been WAY too much money. So there is a matching band but it still needs to be fitted properly. So I have to leave my ring with them for about 6 weeks or so! It will be so sad!

So, that's my ring! You can see that they will need to fit it.

So today I had some celery and that's about it other than my morning coffee and water. Tonight for "dinner" will be a small smoothie from Booster Juice...I guess it's the Canadian version of Jamba Juice. Anyways that will only be about 120 calories and I can get a scoop of protein powder to go along with it if I feel like it. Tomorrow I will be heading to the gym all night while I wait for the fiance to get off work at 10:30. So 3-5 hours at the gym...lets see if I last :) I wonder how many calories I will be able to burn in that time!! Wish me luck! I might throw in a class or two to make the time go by a little faster.

Saturday I will be going to workout in the morning and then hanging out with one of my girlfriends later in the afternoon. We're probably going to go walking around downtown. I'm going to try not to eat at all during the day until I have to pick up the fiance. I'll write more tonight about how the ring shopping went.

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  1. I know I HATE being without my ring when I've had to turn it in to have something done. That is definitely a hard to fit ring.