Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today's Plans

Ok so to recap from yesterday!

Today is a fasting day.

Before my workout I'm just having my vitamins and Xenadrine.

After my workout, I'll have a protein shake.

I'm going shopping this afternoon with a girlfriend and if I HAVE to have something else I'll be having something from BoosterJuice. I have to check out the cals to see what type and what size I'll be having. I'll keep you posted.

This lovely lady is my  ultimate Thinspiration:

Olivia C. Munn

I know she's not on the typical list, so I'll make this confession:
I am a bonafide nerd chick. Olivia is known among the video game crowd and is the host of Attack of the Show on G4tv.

Anyways, I must be off. Sorry for the short post today. I'll keep everyone posted with my success of my minimal liquid fast for today!

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