Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So still no followers...

I have to find out how to get people to read this...since right now I'm typing to absolutely no one.

So the last 2 days were not so bad for my fast. The way things were gonig I decided to do the fast5 (fasting until 5 pm) and then a small meal. It seems to be working. The only problem is today I haven't been able to STOP eating...

I've had a bagle with cream cheese, raisin bread and a plate of salad with brocoli, onions, rasins, beets, tomatoes and pickled red peppers. I know it's not so bad, but I'm STILL hungry! I've started chewing gum. I'm halfway through the pack I started today.

The only saving grace I have for today, is that I'm ACTUALLY seeing my trainer today. So I'll be doing an hour of circuit training today. So high cals being burned plus I'm working out outside in the sun (it's about 25 Degrees Celcius here today). So that should help me sweat out some calories as well :)

I'm looking to possibly try the QuickTrim detox plan next week. I have a friend that said it really worked for her besides the mood swings and irritbility that she had. I'm hoping I don't hve those side effects but we'll see what will happen.

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  1. Looks like you have a follower now! LOL