Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not too proud of myself...

So yesterday started out great. Woke up, worked out, had my shake and then didn't have anything until 3 when I went to get a smoothie (200 cals). I had half (100 cals). I know it's not bad but when I got home there was NOTHING in the house. Not even coffee. So I went out to restock on some juice among other things and I pick up a pizza on my way home. I ate. After all the proclaiming I would last through the day with only liquids. I failed myself.

Well today is a new day. I'll be spending it running errands and cleaning the house. My parents come back from their vacation today. 

I did get complimented yesterday. My trainer's next client came in (I haven't bumped into her since before X-mas) and she said she could see the weight that I lost and I was at the perfect size. Now I had to be polite and say thank you...but all I could think was "what the hell is she looking at!? Look at my gut! and my hips are huge!" But, I just smiled and thanked her and went on my way. I know I've lost almost 15 lbs since February, but I still don't see any difference in the way I look. I'm still a cow.

I bought a dress for my cousin's wedding yesterday. I think I should have bought it a size smaller. Maybe I'll keep trying it on for the next couple of weeks and see how big it gets on me and if I need to exchange it for another size (or dress if they don't have that one by the time I go back). It's really cute though (can't find a picture).

So today I'm off to buy flowers for my grandmother and my mom and cards and some stuff for dinner (if my parents are hungry tonight). My room is a disaster zone so I need to get that cleaned along with the bathrooms and the kitchen. Wish me luck!

I'll update on my day later tonight if I get the chance.

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