Friday, May 7, 2010


Alright. So you know how yesterday I was saying it wasn’t my day? Well things only proceeded to get worse.

One of my good friends asked me why she hadn’t been asked to be a bridesmaid. That was a “fun” discussion. I almost had an ordeal on my hands.

When I finished work last night my fiancé ended up having to work late. So he decided that since he made plans to hang out with a couple that we know. He sent me home with them. Well we went grocery shopping before we got to their house and they buy dinner for the night. Well what do they buy? Stuffed salmon! 510 cals! I was dreading this evening! I was planning on skipping dinner and just drinking water for the rest of the night and I get the wrench thrown into my plans.

To make matters worse. My trainer cancelled on me again. So I wasn’t able to get my work out in yesterday. Now I have to wait for Saturday to get a workout in.

I am trying so hard to master my cravings. I wish I could purge. But it has to do something with my gag reflex. Starting next week I’ll be doing double time at the gym; every lunch hour at work (I’m spending too much time at my desk these days) and then after work.

Does anyone have any good tips to keep my mind off of food? Or even better yet, not eating when you are having dinner at a friend’s house? Eating out is easy. It’s just a side garden salad with no dressing and just some water.
Oh well, today will be better.

I’m not having coffee today since I think caffeine might be flaring up my eczema so I’m having mint tea all day today. I have a tin of it beside me at my desk here and I’ll be making frequent trips to the caf for hot water. My favourite thing about not eating is the money I’m saving.

So my coworker (she’s so sweet!) brought me in some thermal spring water (you know the kind that comes in the aerosol can?) to help me with my eczema. I’m not big on using cortozone (steroid cream) and she’s helping me find homeopathic ways for treating it. She has the same problem as me. As soon as she gets stressed it flares up. So tonight I’ll be trying it out. The can is SO cute, as it sits beside me.

nyways, I’ll update later when I have a chance. I should actually do some work today.

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