Monday, May 17, 2010

Fast Fast Fast

Hello all!

So today will be my second attempt at a 2 day fast. The only caloric consumption I can do is liquid and 1 rice cake (baby steps here). BUT if I do take in any calories (in any form) I have to work double the calories off to create enough of a deficit.

Tonight I’ll be doing some circuit training with my trainer, so that’s a good few hundred calories! My calorie tracker says it’s roughly 700 calories for an hour! So I’m hoping to have a negative calorie intake of at least -600 (the 100 will come from the recovery protein shake my trainer makes me drink after every workout).

My goal for the rest of this month is that I will do this 2 day fast and then starting Thursday fast every second day. I think I can pull that off since I’m always around my boyfriend and my family. It will be especially easy to do the days I’m at work because no one is paying attention to me.

I think that’s the one good thing about not talking to anyone at work. You don’t have to go to lunches or have people bug you about not eating!

So my bf said to me last night that I have definitely “toned up” in the last 2 weeks. I’m not sure what that means but I still feel like a flabby mess. I know I’ve lost a total of 3.5 inches over the last 2 weeks (all over) but I’m still not seeing the results I want. I want to see my hip bones stick out. I want to change metabolisms with my bf. He is only 10 lbs heavier than me and I think it’s only because he’s 5 inches TALLER than me! If I could be 5’10 and be that scrawny at the weight I am right now, I would be estatic! Honestly, the number isn’t the issue with me it’s the fat on my bones! I know the as the fat goes away the numbers on the scale decrease. So I use the scale as one of my checkpoints.

So, as I am writing this, I got a call from my trainer. She cancelled on me yet again. So now I have to go to the gym and workout infront of people who are super tinier than me and look way better. Oh well more coffee and water for me. No point in getting worked up about this, my sessions are my wedding gift, so I'm not paying for this.

Anways I'll probably update later today. I should get back to work and get on with my day.

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