Monday, May 28, 2012


So I did super well Friday. Friday night I had a Donair (super salty and I was up all night trying to process the sodium). I retained a shit-ton of water and spent the day drinking water and coffee trying to get rid of the water weight. I did have a small veggie omelette for brunch on Saturday and then a cookie in the afternoon from Subway. Saturday night I went out with my cousin's girlfriend and some of her friends for dinner and drinks. I ended up having the veggie Pad Thai. It had loads of veggies and more bean sprouts than noodles but the sauce probably topped off the calories on that. I had a belini and a glass of white wine with dinner and then a vodka cranberry at the bar. On the way back from the bar, the girls stopped at McDonald's, they offered to buy me something (I paid one girl's cover) but I declined. I did have 5 fries but better than having a meal or anything.

The next morning, my aunt and uncle made a big breakfast for all of us. I had a croissant and a 2 egg omelette with veggies a tiny bit of cheese and 2 strips of bacon. I didn't eat anything else until we got home yesterday afternoon. I did have a Peach Snapple in the car, when we picked up this awesome focaccia pizza at my favourite deli in Montreal. When we got home I ate what would be the equivalent of 3 slices of pizza (1/4 slab) and then had an apple, some crackers and then I just guzzled water all night. I know it doesn't sound like a lot that I ate, but I woke up this morning and weighed in at 137. I definitely cried. I haven`t seen that number on the scale since before Christmas (minus period bloat). I'm so close to 140 again it's scaring me.

I'm not going down for lunch today. I have my water, tea and about 2 cups of cantaloupe and about 6 packs of gum. I'm going to the gym tonight no matter what. I have my gym bag beside me as I type. I've been slacking in the workout department. I have been 100% sedentary, which is probably why I've been gaining like crazy and not being able to lose.

This week is going to be pretty uneventful. D and I are doing a double date with T and her husband. We're going for dinner and then going to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I'm still on the fence for the movie. I love Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, but Kristen Stewart...I can't stand her. I hope she's not SO much of a focal point. I don't think I could sit through a movie where she doesn't emote one bit. Anyways, Saturday is going to be a task of figuring out what the hell I can eat at whatever restaurant we go to. Friday I have a work-ish thing. It's an Alumni pub night for the school I work at. I'm going as staff and as Alum so it will be interesting. But once again, cocktails and probably finger foods.

Anyways, I'm getting back to work. I have a lot to do.


  1. That is exactly my reaction to the Snow White movie. Love everyone in it apart from Kristen. I hope she doesn't ruin the movie because it looks really good.
    I've been slacking on the gym front too. I need to seriously motivate myself into going back. I know what you mean on the weight part too. I was 122 before Christmas and 141 now. Okay, 3 or so pounds is probably water and junk, but it's really scary to see numbers like them again.

  2. My knees used to hurt when I ran. In fact it felt like I couldn't walk afterwards. I became moe conscious of the way my foot hut the ground, making sure I didn't extend my leg fully, and that really helped. I'm not a big runner at all, so I'm sorry I don't have better advice for you