Monday, May 7, 2012

Warning: This Post Will be All Over The Place

Hello Lovelies!

So this post as the title suggests is going to have a lot going on. I hope you will all read it because this could get long. Mind you I don't post regularly so verbal diarrhoea is a bit of a side effect of this. :p

Ok. So I'm going to attempt to figure out how to have multiple pages on the blog. I want to have things posted at the forefront rather than everything getting lost as I add more posts. I want to have a "Plan" page where I describe diets or workouts that I'm currently attempting and a "Miscelaneous" page to keep track of anything else I want to maintain in my life (Finances, Cleaning etc.). So without further ado, I will begin this post.

Getting Ready For Jersey:

So I'm heading down to Stone Harbour, NJ again this summer for a week. This time around, I am determined to be as bikini ready as I can. Not only do I want to feel good in a bikini (I bought 3 new ones this winter) I want to look good for D, and turn the heads of the life guards (they're yummy :3). So, I have developed a plan that will work towards getting to the gym regularly, and a diet plan that I can easily use to lose weight, still look like I'm eating but I can make acceptions for events (social or family) I found the plan here on Tumblr. This girl is amazing at giving moderate workout plans (daily stuff) that doesn't seem too intimidating and easy to accomplish each day. Her recipes are extremely low cal and super tasty too. I'll be doing her 3 Day detox plan repeatedly except for when I have an event or a dinner where I have to eat something which is high cal. That meal will change and the Afternoon Snack will be taken out to supplement. I will also be doing her work out plans (levels 1-4). This stretches over a total of 88 days. I will be starting this week once create a calendar for myself to do the works outs. The great thing is, is that I can do some days while I'm at work and a lot at home. As the days progress, some days will require me going to the gym (weights or use of cardio machines for extended jogs or cardio sessions). This will be all posted on the "Plans" page. I do not take any credit for this and I will link the blog on Tumblr again to give credit where it is due.


Miranda inspired me on her Shopaholic post to get my finances organized. I'm 26 for God's sake and my credit cards are horrendous. There is no excuse for the way I spend money and manage my credit cards. Miranda is fantastic with her saving and managing her finances, even though she has spoiled herself these last few months (TOTALLY deserving, this girl works damned hard). So I'm planning on getting my credit cards paid off by then end of the summer and then work on my line of credit. I have $4000 on my credit cards and $5000 on my line of credit. Ideally, if I dump $350-$500 each pay to my credit cards each pay (depending on bills) I can have them totally paid off by the end of August. My line of credit is joined with D so when he's done with his credit cards, we will both be putting in $300 each pay (depending on bills) to the line of credit. Hopefully we can get that mostly cleared so our next round of municipal taxes can be stuck on there in the fall (close to $1000 each time). D got his tax return this weekend so we were able to buy a new computer (our laptop died this past week) in full with only a small portion of the return (no $$ owing what-so-ever) and the rest he already put to his credit cards to get a head start. I'll be starting this payment plan on my cards not this week but the week after since I'm taking my mom out for Mother's Day and I have to get some new sandals as mine fell apart this weekend (Ardène's/Claire's here I come!)

My eating has been bad this last week as I have let D's poor choices affect me. Conversations go like this every evening.

Me: What do you want for dinner
D: I dunno. Whatever you want.
Me: If I knew I wouldn't be asking.
D: Well I can think of anything.
Me: You get home first think of something and take it out.
I get home from work and he hasn't done anything.
Me: So what are we having\?
D: I dunno. Let's order/go out.
By this time it's past 6 pm and I give in because I don't want to cook until 7 etc.

This week, I'll make myself something and he can just either eat what I'm having or fend for himself. I can't keep saying screw it. I'll be back up to the 160s in no time if I keep doing this. The plan will start next week (doing groceries on the weekend).

I am totally in love with David's Tea. I have never been much of a tea drinker (Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey or Green Tea) but these flavoured/designer teas are to die for. I have recently discovered their cupcake line which has Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream Cake and Birthday Cake. It all sounds and tastes completely sinful, but each cup is only 15 cals. I'm addicted. I am also in love with their "Here Comes the Sun" line and their Organics (Organic Detox and Buddha's Delight). My desk at work is just filled with little tins of teas and I indulge in multiple cups a day! I'm cutting down on my coffee intake which is in turn, cutting down on my creamer/milk intake.

This weekend my plan is to do a full spring clean on my house. I have made of list of tasks that need to be done and I will be spending my Saturday making the house perfect and working on my yard and getting my lawn up to snuff for the summer! So I plan on being busy and working hard. I should burn a few hundred calories doing this. It will be nice to have a clean house and starting at 0 so I can maintain the house rather than feeling defeated when I look a the disaster that is my house.

Well I should be getting back to work now lovelies. I'll leave you off with some pretty pictures!

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  1. I've been considering this new format for my blog...still on the fence about it. I'm so glad that I inspired you to work on your bills. You will be so much better off once it's paid off; it is freeing to not have a bunch of debt to send your paychecks to every month. Good for you on putting your foot down on dinners. My husband is eats pretty healthy for the most part but even still I can't eat what he eats when he does all the time or else I'd be in big trouble.