Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ugh I'm so Gross.

So. Today I weighed myself for the first time in about a week and a half. 135.8lbs. Not good. Mind you I haven't had a regular BM (sorry tmi) in a few days but still.

I brought some plain oatmeal to work with me to up my fibre (shitty fast food doesn't give you any) hoping this will clean me out a bit.

So the detox rotation still won't start until Monday, but salad only at work for the rest of the week and I'm having veggies or a smoothie/protein shake for dinner for the rest of this week. Since I'm going out for brunch on Sunday for Mother's day and probably cocktails on Friday night, I have to at least get back down to 132 by Friday. I'm also going to drink my cleansing tea every night this week and up my dosage of my diet pills. I know a bit of this is water weight and being backed up but I know for sure that I was probably at 130 at some point. I think last week I had an overage of a few 1000 cals. Yes, I wasn't counting. I felt so guilty eating like I was I couldn't bare even looking at the numbers.

I'm starting the workouts today. Hopefully, doing Jumping Jacks wont be too loud for anyone on the floor below me (I work in a really old building). But it's only 20.


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