Friday, June 17, 2011

Woo! Free time to ACTAULLY do a proper post!

Hello lovelies!

So I finally have found a moment alone to update you all on my goings ons.

So my back is finally not in super agonizing pain anymore. Still not quite sure what I did to it...but I'm definitely on the mend. It's made for quite boring days at work.

This week hasn't been the greatest. Being couch-bound for days straight, gives a big opening to the boredom monster. You know when he's around when you just continuously snack because there is nothing better to do. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I ate tons of fruit and veggies and Wednesday I packed a good lunch albeit a larger one (whole wheate pasta steamed bok choi and cut up strawberries). The large consumption wasn't BAD consumption until Wednesday night. My coworker who drove me home after we closed stopped by McDonald's and offered to get me some. It's all completely my fault no blame game here but on me completely. I said "sure!" I figured that She would drive me home while I munched a fry or two then toss it all when I got in the door. Nope...We ate in the parking lot...I ate an entire big mac meal. Yup, I suck. I'm back up to 138. Been there since yesterday.

Yesterday I had a total of 500 cals until about 5 then when I met my mom for our pedi date last night she took me out for dinner. I decided to have some Thai curry (spicy to speed up metabolism and to make me eat it slower). I'm going to say the half portion I ate came to about another 250. So I don't think it was a bad day yesterday. However, with a back injury, going to the gym i just not an option so I haven't been able to work anything off at all this week...yay.

Today, I work and then I'm going shopping for a dress for an event that I'm going to tomorrow. Hopefully the 3lb gain this week doesn't make this absolute torture for me. I'm excited though. One of my favourite stores is having a big sale this weekend and I'm hoping to walk away with a really awesome piece for summer! :)

So it's back on the wagon  for me. My consumption today will be liquids except for some fruit. I wont be taking in any solids other than the berries I have in my fridge. This is until I get downtown tonight, and then I'll probably have a salad or a small wrap from wherever we end up eating (we're meeting up with my sister as well so it's become a social thing). Off to my first tea while I check e-mails and drink my mint tea.

Thanks for the comments ladies and welcome to my 3 new followers - brixy, and Mich!


  1. I'm glad that your back feels better! And I'm sure you'll lose those 3lbs instantly!!! :)

  2. Yay for getting back on the wagon!

    Boredom is the biggest reason why I eat. Just mindless om nom nomming in front of the tv constantly. It's awful, haha.

    Hopefully you won't be couch-bound for much longer and you can find things to busy yourself with.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. It literally made my day, you have no idea. <3

    And thanks for the shout-out!

    Hope your weight loss goes well and you can stick with your liquid/fruit day. :)