Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I have a gym membership again!! (does a dance around the room) technically doesn't start until the 14th because I can't make payment until the end of the month, but I HAVE A GYM MEMBERHP AGAIN! And I plan on ACTUALLY using it this time very very regularily.

I think I might try to get D to join up with me, and one of my friends who lives near by, the gym she went to went out of business so she's looking to join up somewhere else now.  So I may have a constant gym buddy for the evenings.

The heat is crazy here right now. Yesterday it was about 40 degrees Celcius with the humidex. It makes wearing work appropirate wear quite difficult when you have to wear sleeves and you can't wear shorts. Any thing with length is almost killer.

So onto the usual...I'm hovering around the 134 mark. Today, I will be sipping a Booster Juice as the heat makes it so hard to actually eat. I had a (as in 1) strawberry this morning but my stomach wasn't feeling so well. I've already had a litre of water and it's just after 9. Yesterday I actually drank over 4L. I'm going to aim for that or more again today.

So I'm still waiting to hear from the NAC for an interview. I'm not sure if I will hear from them because since they are a Government funded centre in the heart of the captial they are very strongly bilingual. Bilingualism is the bane of this city. Ultimately it makes it near impossible for anyone to find a job other than clerical in this city. I'm thinking I will have to settle for something once again not in my field. I doubt at this point I will ever be able to get my foot in the door. Well at least I'll be getting out of retail and who knows, maybe I'll end liking whatever job I end up getting.

So the weekend was a blast. It was probably the most fun weekend I've had in quite a while. It was good to see all my friends again. J did an awesome job at the half marathon. She ran 21km in 2 hr 9 mins. She worked so hard to get to that. She doubled her distance in a year. Last year she ran the 10 km and this year the half, however, she vows she will never run the full marathon. We'll see though, she's always one to push barriers.

T has started training again for another fitness competition for October. Her boyfriend works for the US military and has been posted here for the last few years. He's reinstating for another deployment (luckily in the US) and wants T to go with him. She's hesitant because she's not sure if she's ready but she doesn't want to give him up. We all love him to death here. He's been the best thing for her ever since we've all met her. We haven't seen her happier and we would love her to go with him. I feel for her because everything she knows is here in Ontario, and if she leaves for the US she will be totally dependant on him. Now, she will probably be able to get a Visa easily and eventually be able to get a job. She's resourceful and determined so that's no problem at all. I just hope she doesn't regret what ever decision she ends up making. Either way all we can do is be there for her.

Anyways, off to start my day. Hope you are all having a wonderful week and the weather is as wonderful where you are as it is here.

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