Monday, June 6, 2011

The Damage

So as promised here are the stats from the Tanita test from the gym.

Weight:      133.6 lb (my scale at home weighed me in at 135)
BMI:          21.6
BMR:        1430
Fat %:        25.1 % (NOT good at all)
Fat Mass:   33.6 lb
FFM:         100 lb (this is fat free mass)
TBW:         73.2 lb (this is total body water)

So I'm in the "desirable" range but I need to bring down my Fat % by AT LEAST 4%. I'll be able to do this by working out and cutting out a lot of bad foods. I should be eating better. I'm eating low cals but not good ones (if that makes sense).

The trainer also went over what I was eating. Even with lying about half of what I was doing (adding extra meals) she still said I wasn't eating enough! I was like Holy (insert explative here)! How much do you expect me to eat?? If I did what she was saying I would always be eating something. I wouldn't be able to do anything OTHER than eat! I don't know if I can bring myself to eat at my BMR level on a regular basis. Maybe I'll keep that as my maximum allowance when I know I'll be eating at a friend's or out. I think that seems like a good level. Oh well. So that's the dirt on me.

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