Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey lovelies!

So I'm just getting over my cold. It was not a fun weekend. I was dizzy and fuzzy headed all weekend. I couldn't think or speak straight. There's been a virus going around recently and I could possibly have this cough and sniffles (minus the fuzziness) for another few weeks.

Today, I'm meeting with someone I used to work with in the office who now works for the YMCA Employment Resources centre nearby. I hope she can help me improve my chances in finding a new job. My sister and mom have been sending me links to Event Planning/PR companies around the city saying I should volunteer my time. I would love to do that but I just don't have the time anywhere to fit in volunteering. My sister even is suggesting I volunteer this fall at the Ottawa Fashion Week. Maybe pick up one of their internships. Which is doable because I can work from home on my off time from work and then I would just have to take a week off in October for the actual event. I was reading the bios of employees from some of the companies and they have taken journalism and Masters in communications and done internships in places like NYC, LA, Europe etc and are now working back in Ottawa...It's starting to make sense why I can't get into the industry. But hopefully the volunteer work will get me SOMEWHERE...

So I'm back down to 135 exactly. Yesterday I had some iceberg lettuce and 1/4 of a small tomato, a banana, a tall non-fat iced latte and then a bit of steak with steamed asparagus and a salad with D. My day totalled at about 671 cals. Today, I plan on really only having some rasberries and another salad like my lunch yesterday. Along with my iced latte I don't want to go over 500 today. I work late tonight so I don't have to eat infront of D.

Anyways, I have to run to catch my bus!!

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