Saturday, June 4, 2011

The big 200 ~!!

Hello lovelies!!

As part of my 200th post I've decided to do a bit of a thinspo post. I thought I would change it up and add some images to this post instead of just blabbering on as I normally do :p

And finally, here is just an entire post that has aptly been named Posting bikini pics on Facebook takes balls… and a great body

So onto the usual now


I got an e-mail from the company I interviewed with last week. I'm still in the running for the job and should probably find out next week.

D took me downtown last night on a date :) We ate at one of the pubs in the market. I just had a garden salad and then we went and browsed in the mall. I bought a t-shirt from Marciano in the yellow. I also bought 2 nail polishes from Chanel. I had money left on a gift card at the Bay (department store) from my wedding gifts and I thought I would spoil myself with two bottles:

Tomorrow I will be giving myself a much deserved (and needed) mani-pedi. I really love spoiling myself every now and then and 2 gorgeous colours for my nails is the perfect way to do it. I will be getting my hair done next weekend (FINALLY) and I'll be lightening the colour ever so slightly.

In 2 weeks I have an anniversary party/dinner to go to for one of the schools I went to. I have absolutely no idea what to wear and I can't really afford to buy a new dress for the occasion. I'm thinking something maybe simple like a LBD. I don't really have anything summery and current that would be awesome to wear so I think I might just keep it simple.

I went out tonight with my parents and my sister to the movies. We saw X-men First Class. It was pretty good. Nothing awesome, but still it was nice to be out with the family for an evening.

Monday, I have an appointment at the gym to have my stats taken. So I'll be measured, weighed and I will have my body fat and such taken as well. I will then promptly come home (If I can't talk them into letting me use the gym early as my first day is the 14th) and post on here exactly what their magical machine has put me at. Right now, my scale reads me at 136 lbs and too much body fat. I will post their number I just don't like what my scales says right now.

I have decided to do another 4 week plan with the Highschool Beauty Queen website. It's another points system but the program is a lot more flexible. I'm allocated a maximum of 26 points a day. Food accumulated points and exercise/cardio removes points. So there will be a lot of incentive to keep working out. It will be a great final push for the month of July before my vacation. I will post the plan later this week. For June, my goal is just to get into the habit of going to the gym multiple times in a week. I hope to be able to get there at least 4 times every week.


I just wanted to thank all of you for still reading this blog. I never thought I would get 56 readers here. You are all amazing! Sometimes, I feel like just a speck in this endless community of wonderful people and think: nobody would ever read my rants and babbles, but you girls are all here. Thank you for putting up with my 200 posts of nothing, failed attempts, my slow labourious weight loss and just in life in general. I hope to share 200 more (and many more) with you all!


  1. cheers for some TLC for your nails&your hair. i like the dress in that second photo. i like dresses in general. i really want to have my personal trainer friend do a whole measurement thingy for me just so i'll know where i'm at. ('where i'm at'? i'm so texan.) anyway, when i have something to go to&i have to dress up for, i like to wear my LBD but get a new pair of bright shoes. my mother just walked into my room so i lost my train of thought. hmmm...oh well. stay strong, lady.

  2. I love all your ramblings darling.

    Congrats on 200 posts, and I really hope you get the job you applied for.

    The black pearl nail polish is really pretty :)

  3. I enjoy reading your blog too! Yeah, for treating yourself. We really need that sometimes.

  4. enjoy your mani and pedi :)

  5. Congrats on 200! and awesome thinspo :)

  6. Happy 200th! I like those nail colors, especially the orange! :)