Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sorry for the second post today...

...but I have a dilemma.

No it's not the purse.

So as you all know, I did mention that J is moving to Vancouver. She's leaving now at the end of September.

This is my problem:

Her parents are throwing her an engagement party in Burlington next weekend. Next weekend is right around my anniversary. It's not until the Tuesday but who wants to do a big celebration in the evening in the middle of the week when we both have to be up early the next morning (read 5 am)?

Secondly, J wants to have a girls' night/last hurrah on September 22-23 in Montreal. That weekend D has the Friday, Saturday AND Sunday off.

Now here's the issue. I have to see J before she leaves for the other side of the country. But, I don't want to take away from the miniscule amount of time D and I have together. D (disappointedly) surprised me with he was thinking of using our Aeroplan miles to go to NYC for the weekend at the end of September since he has 3 days off. And that would be our anniversary celebration. So that would have me getting to the engagement party no problems, but then I miss out on saying goodbye to her before she leaves. T can't attend the weekend in Montreal as she's busy herself. But I've missed out on so many social events with friends either because of working weekends or lack of funds. I don't have those issues now and I'm stuck.

D said we could just go to Montreal on the Friday have a night out, get a hotel spend Saturday together downtown and then he would go hang out with my cousins while I hung out with the girls (staying at the hotel afterwards) and we would come back late on Sunday. It would be extremely cheaper than NYC but D has been saving up because he knows how much I want to go back. It breaks my heart that I feel that I have to disappoint one person to make the other happy.

What would you all do??


  1. Eeek! That's a toughie. How close of a friend is she? If she is a really good friend the weekend in Montreal with D and then splitting up for the one night while you go out with the girls sounds like a good option. You and D still get your time together and you will get to see your friends. You will save money now and then hopefully do the NYC trip at the very next weekend you have available. It sounds like your husband will understand. Once your friend is gone she's gone. There isn't any other time to do this girls weekend. Good luck making your decision.

  2. honey, you can not make everyone happy. Just listen to your heart and do what makes you happy.