Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Victoria's Secret Models Have a Tumblr!!!!


That is all....Here's the link. Enjoy!

oh yeah...maybe I should update you all too!

So I'm still in the 129's. I spiked back up 2lbs but I've worked it back down. Still not in the clear though.

Tonight I'm going to dinner with my girlfriends. I've decided to stay away from the booze and just get an entrée (ask for a take away box so I can immediately pack up half) and then maybe a little dessert and coffee. I went to the website for the restaurant and they have a really extensive nutritional info page. I've determined to never eat a main salad there again (over 900 cals with the dressing) and to stay away from anything "Asian Inspired" as they're all over 1000 cals and have over 3000 mg of sodium!!! I was disgusted and turned off the place pretty much. Here's my list of options for tonight:

Grilled Chicken with Steamed Veg and Jasmine Rice - 390 (could cut some cals by not eating all the rice)
Roasted Tomato & Red Pepper Bisque with Croutons - 350
California Starter Salad (no dressing) - 160
Roasted Mushroom Soup - 360
Kobe Mealoaf - 610 (this includes all the trimmings and sauces)
Miso Glazed Black Cod - 730 (again all the trimmings and sauces and the sauce is a little sugary)
Tomato Brown Rice Spaghetinni - 760 (Gluten Free & Veggie. I would pack half up for half the cals)
Grilled Veggie Wrap - 550 (not sure what the side is though so probably not this one)
Ibarra Chocolate Cake - 334
Key Lime Pie - 270
Milestone's Moment - 240

This will all depend on how hungry I am and how I feel. It will be easy not to drink tonight because T is pregnant and my other friend C doesn't really drink.

I found out today that J is moving with her fiancé to Vancouver in October. This is going to be the furthest apart that someone in our group has been from us. We've all been within a 2 hour drive. This really sucks. I've been in a funk all day and I've cried a couple of times. I mean, I'm happy for her and it's a great opportunity for her fiancé. I'm just going to really miss her.

Anyways, that's about all for me. Back to work I go.


  1. Why is it that someone like Miranda Kerr can have a baby and not have any stretch marks or tummy pouch????

    I know I won't be that fucking lucky.


  2. I don't know how those models look so damn good after babies. They are not normal. I love it when they have cal info online. Big help! Sorry about your friend leaving. It's so hard when everyone starts to get married and move and all that stuff.

  3. omg. Those models are so beautiful and perfect. They are like barbie dolls. Even without make up they are amazing. Jealous!

  4. I feel your pain, I'm sorry about your friend moving. My Sis (one of my best friends) lives on the other side of the country and it sucks. But at the same time when u see each other you just pick up where you left off.

    Also, I want to know how these woman can come out of pregnancy unscathed!