Thursday, August 9, 2012

130 lovelies! This is where it starts to become important on what I do. I've gotten here before, but I can never break past this point. This is going make or break me. I have gotten into my routine though. Small nibble with my coffee just after taking my pills. No restriction on what it is, but if it's a muffin or something of the sorts I only have a small piece and save the rest for the afternoon and still end up throwing half of it out. If I have fruit in the morning, then I have some veggies at lunch if I'm hungry. But most days it's coffee in the morning and tea while I'm at work. I'm doing squats and crunches in my office to keep myself moving and to break up my day. I don't leave my office because I'd be tempted to get in my car and get food. I don't eat infront of anyone and I don't stick around when people are eating. The only "meal" I'm eating right now is dinner with D. But I've been having a weird stomach ache this week that's come along with my period. It must be some sort of bug because I can't think of what else it could be. But I'll have some veggies or a couple bite of what ever we're eating. Sometimes I'll eat everything or I'll have a couple nibbles.

We bought the BBQ on Tuesday. We got a great deal on it. All stainless steel 4 burner with a side burner for pots and frying etc. It was the floor model (so already assembled) and it was on clearance. The BBQ was originally $650 but we got it for just under $400. By the time we added the Nat. Gas conversion kit and some tools and light bulbs (we went LED to save on energy bills) we were over $500. Not bad. But all that aside, we grilled last night and it was AMAZING! My stove top is now officially for boiling and steaming. No more pan frying unless I'm cooking for a party and it's required (such as risotto, stir fry or searing roasts before putting it in the oven).

I'm feeling good about all of this and I'm so close to ACTUALLY breaking 130. I did a little dance when I saw that number on the scale.

My best friend J got engaged this past weekend. So I'm on the docket to start planning an engagement party. Honestly, I'd love to host it because I have the space and I love doing these things, but I wouldn't mind at all if the rest of my friends decide to do it in Montreal where they are. All I have to do is get there early and set up and maybe bring a dish or dessert. Heck, I would grab a ride with T and not have to spend money on gas (I'd give them $30 for the trip but better than $100 myself).

Work is still stressful but things are starting to fall into place. Since my last post I've had 3 inquiries. One is a boy who is pretty much a go, one is 2 boys who's parents just moved from Saudi Arabia (diplomats probably) but the older one has ADHD and Asperger's so he's a case that we have to look closely at and I had an agent contact me about 2 kids from Kazakhstan. So 5 kids where 1 is certain 2 are probable and 2 are unknown. Let's hope these pan out, but if they do it will be A LOT of work. Well speaking of work, I need to get back to it. I have printer's proofs to go over for ads that are due today and then some database updating to do.


  1. Gz on 130! :)

    Glad you are finding a routine that works for you :) I also find not having "no foods" works very well.. If I want a cookie - then I have a tiny one - or couple of bites if it is bigger and just leave the rest.. This way I am learning that I don't HAVE to finish it cause if I want it later - then I can have it. It is also working on the insane cravings..

    Oh and I think that BBQ with everything for that price isn't bad at all :)

  2. Your job sounds really interesting. You got a good deal but it's amazing how expensive a good Grill can be. Sounds like you are on a roll! Your will power and restraint sound awesome. Keep it up and you will def break 130's.