Monday, October 1, 2012

Long time no see

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry for being so M.I.A.

No excuse really just haven't really had anything to blog about.


I'm bouncing between 129 and 131. Literally. I mean, I'm either 129 dead on or I'm 131 dead on. I never graze 130 just bouncing between those 2 lbs like a ping pong ball or something. Kinda weird....

My weekend with the girls was amazing. I had a blast. I went absolutely broke. The baths at the spa costed $55 after taxes (I did not expect that) and I spent about $100 in gas, and food for the potluck, $$ for cover at the bar and brunch on Saturday morning. Also I had to buy a new pair of flats because my favourites fell apart in the rain on the Friday I went down. No really. Fell apart. As in, unsalvageable, destroyed, no longer shoes. So, Payless had nothing and there was barely anything on the sale racks that were left over from the summer in my size at the other stores. I almost caved and bought a pair of $110 studded tuxedo slippers from Nine West but stopped myself and went for a $65 pair of black suede loafers from Aldo. For necessity, I think I did pretty well.

Anyways, so that Saturday night at the bar was a lot of fun. The bar was called Electric Avenue, and they play all the kitschy, poppy songs from the 70s-90s. There was a lot of awesome 80s and a lot disco, and the odd boy band thrown in here and there. I played eye games with a hunk in the dance circle across from us and got hit on by a dorky looking college kid. Gotta give props to the kid though he did walk through the centre of a girls-only dance circle to talk to me and politely asked me to dance and didn't give me a hard time when I said no.

Well, work has been keeping me busy. I have to prepare a report on ways to increase our revenue for next week's board meeting and I have to build a brochure and get it printed and sent out for the middle of November. No rest pour moi.

Speaking of which. There doesn't seem to be an end in sight for D. The poor man gets no rest, and he is just drained when he comes home. I never see him anymore. He comes home, eats dinner and then passes out on the couch within the next hour. And when he does fall asleep he's gone for the rest of the night. I have no way of waking him up. He's not aware that I'll spend an hour every night trying to wake him up to come to bed. He hasn't slept in bed with me a full night in almost a month now. He eventually wanders up at about 4 am or so but then he has to get up for work at 5. I really do miss my hubby. I feel so bad for him that he has no way to have a days rest at any point. Today was day 32 of working straight. He's done the odd half day (6 am - 3pm) but that's been about it. No real days off in over a month. :(

I got my period today, and my face erupted like a volcano! I seriously haven't had a breakout like this since high school! I thought my skin was bad for a 26 year old but this is straight out 14 year old skin today. Just awful. No amount of make-up could cover it up an it would only make the situation worse!! Hot compresses tonight along with a mask of some sort. BAH! Stupid hormones.

Well back to work I go. Hope you are all doing well!~

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