Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just another day

Hello Lovelies!

So today has been the most pointless day...

The school is holding an open house today and on Thursday. Today no one has shown up at all and there's 2 hours left in the day...


This has been the most boring day ever, because I haven't really been able to get too deep into any work in case I am interrupted. On top of it all, I am starting to come down with whatever plague was going around the school these last couple of weeks. I'm nauseous, dizzy, have a pounding headache and I am chilled right down to the bone. All I want to do today is curl up under my blankets on the couch and watch TV.

The gym last night was good and I'm feeling it today.

That's all I have to really write about today. I'm just trying to waste time to make the day go by faster. I spend a good hour with a co-worker teaching her how to take a good selfie...THAT'S how slow my day is today...

Oh I gave my grandfather some copies of my resume to give out to some people he knows. Hopefully something might turn up from there.

Anyways, it really is good to be back. I found a new app to read blogs on my phone with (Feedly) and it was really nice to catch up on all of your lives.



  1. I use feedly too buy it's definitely not as good as reader used to be.
    Sounds like we have a lot to look forward to... Can't wait to read about your victories on the scale!

  2. ugh.. We have just been going through that... Ever since the kid started daycare we have been getting all these "kid" sickness... ugh...
    Hope you don't get ill....