Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New-found Vigor

Hello Lovelies,

I assume that most of you watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night. Well, once again like last year and the years before, I have relaunched towards my goals with new vigor. After this weekend of gluttony (as good as it was), I am taking things 100% seriously. I began a fast last night at 10pm (with the fashion show) and have decided that there is no set time for it but the first thing I will consume to break the fast will be steamed veggies.

I have decided that I will only weigh myself in kg (I will still update with lbs on here as well) because I find that you are in a kg for long that in a lb. These 1-2lb fluctuations are really grating on me so I would rather see a slower move with kg. Plus it will be a bigger accomplishment to move down a full kg. More permanent.

I do know that with this fast, I can probably be successful over the next 2 days as I work closing shifts tonight and tomorrow and D won't be around too much.

I am going to work extra hard to fit in workouts wherever I possibly can. Even if it's only sit ups during commercials or some other simple exercise. Or even in the mornings attempt to do a P90X DVD before work. I can't let myself be lazy like this or apathetic. I need to have some sort of accomplishment. This is the only one I can really work on with total success, but that success is up to me.

I also want to welcome my new followers that have started reading the last month or so. I'm usually better and saying hi and welcome. But as you've seen, I really haven't been good at much lately let alone keeping things up with this blog. When I don't have access to reading all your blogs, I do spend some time on Twitter. If you care to do so, you can follow me on there @ThinThoughts03.

I do plan on sitting down with T before the holidays to workout a regimented plan with -ideally- weekly check-ins/gym sessions.

Anyways off to work with me for today. Wish me luck on the fast!

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  1. I missed the show but it's in my DVR. I plan on watching it soon...even though it makes me insanely jealous.