Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello lovelies,

So D and I got approved for the line of credit and will soon be paying off (deferring) our tax bill. So mini crisis averted - kinda.

Today I have off since Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. I wont go into details about that meal. It was just big. So my plans today are to job hunt (as usual). I'm also heading downtown to finally get my highlights redone and change up my cut a little. So that's pretty exciting.

Yesterday, while I was at work, I was roaming the floor at work and came across the most amazing thing EVER. My warehouse is selling the ENTIRE Jem and the Holograms series on DVD for only $50!! So needless to say, I'm heading into work to go pick it up. I'm super excited. I'm not sure if any of you remember or even know what that series was. But you should all seriously google it. It was a show that went for 3 seasons in 1985 and is about this girl who's father left a music management company to her after his death and finds this hologram machine that changes her into Jem. Anyways, look it up. It's awesome. You won't regret it.

I was talking with D and my family over the weekend and I think I may go back to school or at least get an other certification. My dad suggested maybe doing an MBA or something. This is all really scary and intimidating. I don't know how I would manage school with working full time but I know it's neccessary to find a job. At the least I think I'm going to take French courses so I can become certified billingual. I know having billingulism officially on my resume will probably get me a cut higher on the pile than I am now. I will have to start researching programs and seeing how long doing a part time MBA would take me. I wouldn't want to be 30 and only entering the job force. I think that would just be too hard. But I have to weigh my options and see what would probably be best for me. I'm also thinking of calling up some of the PR agencies here in town to do some informational interviews to see what people are looking for and some suggestions on how to get these requirements.

Anyways, off to the job hunt with my Tim's and then off to have my day to me :)


  1. My BF finished his MBA in 3 years going part time. The cool thing about an MBA is that when you do get a job you aren't really starting at the bottom. I would think that being bilingual in French would help tremendously in Canada. Good luck.

  2. I vaguely remember Jem! Cartoon right? Anyhow, school and work is super hard. I'm only taking one class and it's challenging. But, if it can get you where you want it would be worth it.