Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello lovelies!

I'm back from vacation. I wanted to post while I was away but the apartment we rented didn't have wifi and any hotspots that showed up on my phone were inconsistent at best.

I had a good time in Stone Harbor. It was just really nice to relax on the beach and read for hours on end and then cool off in the ocean when it got too hot. And boy was it hot! Muggy and humid too! I got through 3 books and about 7 magazines while I was there. The food was amazing. All sorts of fresh local sea food at the restaurants and then don't forget about Springer's (ice cream parlour). I ate what felt like a lot. It was definitely more than I usually do. However, I managed to maintain the whole trip. I couldn't weigh myself while I was away and as I usually am when I go away I didn't have a BM (sorry TMI) until I got back home Saturday night. Sunday morning I was 135 and after cleansing yesterday I weighed in this morning at 133. My normal.

We did some shopping while we were there. I got a pair of Michael Kors shoes for $50 and I did a spree at Victoria's Secret. I spent $250 there on 5 bras. I also found out I'm now a 34D. I protested with the sales girl like crazy that I couldn't possibly be that big. Last year when I was there I went up to a 34C from a 36B. If I go back next year I don't think it will bode well for me...Heck, this woman wanted to put me in to a DD for goodness sake. Nice bras and everything but I still can't believe it! I also bought some new accessories too from a shop in town. A cute Juicy chain charm bracelet, a wishbone necklace and a pair of square glass earrings. I kept things pretty modest. The bras I had been saving up for a year, and was in desperate need of new ones. In Canada we have La Senza but it really sucks. The bras fall apart so quickly and they make your boobs look conical (think 1940s pointy bras).

So I'm back at work this week and I really wish I was still on vacation. I already feel like I could use a nap or two.

D's birthday is this Friday and I'm thinking of buying him a BBQ for his birthday. It's something we have been looking into since our patio is now installed and finished. I'm thinking of taking him out this weekend or next to pick one out. I've put aside $400 for a clearance model. I wanted to just go buy one and have it built and ready for when he came home from work Friday night, but I don't want to pick something he doesn't like. I want him to get the one he really wants (within practicality and budget). The good news is that I wont have to pan fry things any more (woo no oil!) and I can pre-grill chicken for my lunches at the beginning of the week. Our natural gas valve is close to the house so we'll be able to BBQ in the winter too!

I also picked up a small bottle of OxyElite Pro and Waterex at GNC while I was in NJ. Canada doesn't sell OxyElite anymore and they discontinued Waterex as well. The water pills here have a dosage of 4 pills 2x a day while Waterex is 2 pills daily (I find 1 more than enough). I'm actually regretting not buying more of both pills. I like the Oxy because I don't get jittery but it stops hunger. I make sure to have small snacks so my blood sugar doesn't drop but I'm not starving and it doesn't really occur to me to eat. Oh well. Maybe I'll actually look into ordering it online ($80 after shipping).

Well that's all that's new with me right now lovelies. I should be getting back to work before my lunch hour starts. Missed you all! I agree with everyone that blogger has become very quiet as of late (I know I haven't been so active lately. sorry!).


  1. Sounds like you had fun!

    I tried Oxy for a while and it worked with giving me energy and stopping hunger, but it DID make me really gittery (I'm really sensitive to any kind of medications/pills) and gave me really acute headaches, gave me chills and made my nose run like crazy (weird).


  2. I feel you pain on the 34D/DD thing... I want my boobs to go away. Sad thing is i bought the almost a decade ago.

    The BBQ birthday present sounds awesome, grilled food is alway tastier & better for you.

    ~ H

  3. Sounds like a great vacation. Relaxing, shopping and no weight gain! I've wanted to surprise the hubby before but on something big like that I end up having to ask (which I guess is the surprise) b/c I couldn't risk spending so much money on the wrong thing. Hubby loves his grill. It'll be nice to have.

  4. Wb :) And so glad to hear that you had a good time and yay for no weight gain!

    And gosh.. Lets not talk about boobs.. I know that mine are too big now due to the pregnancy - but lets face it.. They were huge before that too! I wonder if there is a way to make them shrink.. hmm.. I shall google that lol

    The BBQ sounds like a great idea.. I have been wanting one too for ages, but we don't live in a house, so we have no room for one at all.