Saturday, January 21, 2012


So I just found out this morning that T got engaged and she asked me to be her MOH!! She's planning the wedding for April so I have my work cut out for me!!

On that note, I have no more excuses to not get my ass in gear. I will take it slow and steady at the gym. I don't want anymore injuries. And I must lose at least 10lbs. I MUST be in the 120s by the wedding. I CANNOT make excuses for my binges and bad decisions or let things stress me out that I give in, in the first place.

Thanks, Seeking Something Else for those tips. I don't eat much dairy but I'll cut out what I do eat. Where should I look for those organic skin products? I want to try to find them.

If any of you ladies have any resources or ideas for weddings on a dime, could you pass them along?

So pumped! I can't fail this time.
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  1. I get mine at a health food store, but since then I have seen the Alba Organics Acnedote at Target too. Tea tree oil soap is pretty cheap ($3) and I think you could find it there or a drug store. I found it at a art fair once too where a lady was selling homemade soap. You can buy straight tea tree oil at a drugstore - I put a small drop on my breakouts instead of acne cream. Just don't use too much of the real stuff. It's potent.

  2. P.S. That's awesome about being the maid of honor!

  3. OMG! a wedding! that's so exciting! maid of honor! wow, what a great motivator! keep us posted on all the details. <3RaeLynn

  4. Awesome, now you have motivation AND a lovely wedding to go to. Fun.