Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well I'm back at 133 and today the only slip up was when D surprised me and took me out for lunch. We went to quiznos. To combat that. I'm going for coffee with a friend during dinner time and then running a few last errands before my vacation.

I'm currently waiting at the bank to make a withdrawal from my TFSA (tax free savings account).

Thursday morning:

I didn't get a chance to finish my post from yesterday so I'm continuing today...

I'm currently on the bus, heading downtown to see T. We are doing a yoga class this morning. It's called forest and it's a core intensive class and the last position is the hand/head stand. I need a good core workout. Plan is today to only have coffee and booster juice until dinner with our hiubbies. I just have to make sure T doesn't rag on me too much.

So, somehow today I'm back up to 135. I did have that quiznos yesterday. And I guess I didn't drink enough water but with all the walking and yoga today ill work most of it off. I'm nervous about going on vacation. No scale for over a week and having to eat normally is really making me nervous. Especially since I can't buy anymore diet pills until after vacation. I can't buy any today because T will lecture me and I won't be able to buy any in the states as my parents will be with me and that's a big no no. Even though stocking up on some US pills would be awesome. Try something new that's not available in canada would be awesome. Plus US pills are stronger than the canadian ones.

Anyways, I'm getting off the bus.

Empty Shell: it will be really good for you to get out of that place soon. I think once exboy is no longer living with you the drama will start going away. He sounds incredibly damaged and wants to bring whoever down with him.

FedUp: I'm glad you had fun on your vacation. I've done things like that to hubby where I've seen something at a store that I really lie and have asked him to buy it for me. You will totally get back down. I'm jealous and in awe of your discipline. Something I can't seem to get control of.

Kat Not Jas: I'm not sure what to make of A. It's a little alarming that he relies on the booze to loosen things up. I say you just let things run their course and just wait til he comes back. It will give you time to figure out if you really want to do fwb. It's a hard thing to do especially when you have such strong feelings. I've been down that road all too often. It only ends up working well for the one who is more detatched. Otherwise your constantly disappointed. Just take your time and readjust when he comes back.

Ahhhh :) much better :) I've been wanting to comment for ages!
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  1. Thanks! I'm glad I had fun too despite all the food and no scale. You will too! It's just part of life and then we just have to work hard when we get back to go back to our routine.

  2. i hope you have fun on vacation. figure out whatever part of you changes most quickly when you lose&gain weight. measure it, &bring the tape measure or ribbon with you. that helped me keep sanity at camp. stay strong, doll.

  3. I'm on holiday too, and so far it's been alright! My self-control is waning though...Anyway, I love your blog! What diet pills are you going to stock up on?