Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You know what I hate? Getting my period.

That 10 day period of just before and during where I spike up 2-3 lbs because of water retention. It always throws me for a loop and drives me absolutely mad. I know exactly what it is and what's going on but for some reason I freak out every single month. I think the worse part of it all is the insatiable hunger and the cravings that come along with it. I need to find a way to ignore these symptoms of my PMS so I don't have to potentially do damage control every month.

I restocked up on my pills that I took around this time last year. However, the water pill I really like (Waterex) is no longer being made by GNC so now I am just taking their generic water pill. I have to take more to get the same effect of just one Waterex pill.

The holidays are starting to look up. I have a pretty sweet holiday schedule this year. I managed to get Christmas eve and Boxing Day off (yay 3 day weekend) and then I'll have an extra day between the 27th and 30th because I have Boxing Day off (counts as a stat holiday if you don't work it). Then I have NYE off and January 2nd (it's my regular day off) so an other 3 day weekend!

I should start looking into solidifying my plans for the NYE weekend. I'm either going to be hosting a large party or doing a double dinner date with T and her bf at our fave restaurant. Or if T bails (other plans) it will just be D and myself having a romantic night out (or invite my sister and her bf if they have the $$). I know dinner is not REALLY the most appealing but it really ends up being cheaper than going to a club dancing ($50+ tickets and then coat check and then drinks all night and possibly a hotel since we live 20 mins away) which can add up to over $300 for D and I alone. Dinner will only be $150 (for 2) plus maybe a bottle of wine or if $$ allows Prosecco or Champagne split between all attendees. Who would have thought a 4 course fine dining experience would be cheaper than an all out bash? It even runs cheaper than hosting a party (munchies, booze, decor, meal etc..) that can really add up.

Well time to get ready for work. The day must begin.

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  1. Yeah, we need to start thinking about what we want to do NYE too. I'm usually torn between wanting to just stay home in my jammies where it's warm and cheap and going out and having some fun. We'll see. I hate that time of the month too. It doesn't seem to affect my weight but I feel crampy and gross.